Our mission is to help individuals and small business owners pave their way to financial wealth and freedom.

"We make numbers make cents!"

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Serenity Financials, LLC is your preferred financial solutions firm. We understand the importance of financial literacy, so we provide an informed foundation for our clients to maximize their success. In 2013, we started as a boutique tax preparation service for individuals. We've expanded to serve our clientele by offering tax resolution services, bookkeeping, business start-up services, and financial consulting services. 


Tax Preparation & Resolution

Saving You Money

Our team of experts will assess your situation and determine the best course of action. We serve clients nationwide. Whether it is for individuals or small businesses, we'll help to minimize your tax liability. 

Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Peace of Mind

We are your gateway to doing what you do best while we decompress your stress. We provide QuickBooks training, consulting, and troubleshooting. We provide much more than just bookkeeping.

Credit & Debt Management

Protect and Restore

We will provide you with services designed to improve your credit record, history, credit score or rating, in order to assist you in obtaining a loan or other extension of credit. This service is guaranteed through an exclusive licensing agreement with the Credit & Debit Management Institute, Inc. (CDMI).


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